How to Lower Myostatin Levels



Perform biceps curls.,
Use a chest press machine.,
Use a machine shoulder press.,
Try other resistance exercises.

Grip a barbell from below with your palms facing up. Grip the barbell in such a way that the weights on either end are equidistant from each hand, and place each hand shoulder-width apart from the other. Lift the bar to your chest using your elbows.Keep your elbows pinned to your side as you lift. Sliding your elbows behind your ribs will decrease the amount of work your biceps do.
Don’t swing the bar up using momentum from your hips.

, Sit at the chest press machine and adjust the seat for your height. The handles should be situated near the middle or bottom of your pectoral muscles. Lay your hands on the handles of the machine. Your shoulder blades should be retracted. If they are not, adjust the position of the machine’s handles so that they are.Keeping your head and chest up, press the handles forward, extending through the elbow.
Pause briefly when you’ve reached your maximum extension, then return the handles to a position just beyond the starting position in order to keep the tension on.

, The machine shoulder press is not unlike the chest press, except that instead of pushing forward, you push up. Grip the handles of the machine, keeping your elbows in line with your torso. If your elbows are not lined up with your torso, adjust the level of the seat. Lift the handles as you exhale. Extend your arms slowly. When you reach your maximum extension, hold the position briefly, then bring the handles back down to a place just above the starting position., There are many other resistance exercises that could lower your myostatin levels. For instance, you might want to use a resistance band, do squats, or lift free weights.

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