How to Lower DHEA



Watch for natural reductions with age.,
Be careful not to go too low.,
Minimize any cortisol intake.,
Choose a non-hormonal birth control.,
Make no changes at all.

DHEA levels usually peak right around the age of 20 when a person becomes fully hormonally and physically mature. Then, they start to naturally decline until almost no DHEA is left by the time you reach your 90s. Talk with your doctor about how to manage the age-based decline of your DHEA levels while also taking outside action, such as dietary changes., In your efforts to lower your DHEA levels, make sure that you go in for regular blood tests with your doctor. Changing up your body’s production of DHEA too much has been linked to some dangerous illnesses, such as certain cancers and type 2 diabetes., Cortisol shots have been linked to boosted DHEA levels. If you decide to take any medications with cortisol, which is a hormone itself, talk with your doctor about your concerns. Your doctor may also recommend cortisol as a partial replacement for a dip in DHEA levels. This is a strategy often used with athletes undergoing heavy training., The chemicals found in many birth control pills and shots can cause a boost in DHEA levels. To determine if you are taking a pill with testosterone-like effects, read your medication’s label and talk with your doctor. If you are considering a birth control shot, discuss the hormonal effects with your OBGYN before moving forward.Non-hormonal methods, such as a copper IUD, have the same birth control benefits without the progestin risk. Many people experiencing migraines or hair loss with hormonal methods also find these to be a good alternative.

, If your high levels of DHEA are asymptomatic, or showing no outward symptoms, then you may safely choose to leave it generally untreated. Perhaps make some of the suggested lifestyle changes and see how those go. In some cases, even DHEA secreting tumors are left alone because the surgery can be more problematic than the excess hormones.

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