How to Lower CPK Levels Naturally



Understand the high CPK levels have been linked to high intensity exercise.,
Avoid strenuous exercise for five days before getting you CPK levels tested.,
Do warm-ups before doing any high intensity exercises.,
Lower your blood pressure by reducing your stress levels.

Another common cause of an elevated CPK level is strenuous exercise. All forms of exercise (aerobic, stretching, or weight-lifting) can cause an elevation of CPK levels in the blood since your muscles are undergoing stress and metabolism.Exercises that involve weightlifting and downhill running cause higher increase in CPK levels.

, Strenuous exercise is actually a common cause of a falsely elevated CPK level in patients being tested for CPK levels. Because of this, its important that you don’t exercise for five days before your doctor’s appointment so that you don’t get a false reading of your CPK levels., If you are going to do high intensity workouts, you should always warm up your muscles first. When you warm up your muscles by stretching or doing a light jog or easy bike ride, you help them to stretch and loosen so that they don’t sustain injuries (even slight ones) when you do your intense exercises.Great warm-ups include:

Jogging or biking slowly to work your way into an elevated heartbeat can be a good warm up.

Start out with lighter weights to get blood pumping to your muscles before lifting heavier weights.

, Your stress levels can actually have a physical affect on your body but increasing your blood pressure. When your blood pressure increases, there is a chance that your CPK levels will go up. Because of this, it is important that you stay relaxed.Try mediation or yoga. Both of these practices can help you relax by teaching you breathing techniques and helping you to focus your mind on the present, rather than on the things that are causing you stress.
Try passion flower, valerian, lime flower (Tilia cordata) and lemon balm. These are all tranquilizing herbs that can help to keep you calm.

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