How to Lose Weight and Live a Healthy Lifestyle



Eat until your 80% full.,
Drink lemon water.,
Snack on healthy stuff.,
Practice portion and proportion control.,
Eat slowly.,
Drink lots of water, it boosts your metabolism.

Have one treat meal every weekend .Enjoy all the bad food, eat as much as you want and remember, it’s a lifestyle change.

Workout every single day.,
Sleep well.,
Take a healthy celeb as your inspiration, for example Miley Cyrus.

If you eat more, your stomach will expand if you eat until your 100% full. There would be a lot of pressure on the walls of your stomach, so it would stretch and increase in size making you eat even more. Eating until your 80% full will help your stomach to decrease in size gradually .;
, Lemon fastens your metabolism and clears out all toxins .

every morning right after you wake up, take a 750ml or 1 liter (0.3 US gal) water bottle and pour water into it. Squeeze one complete lemon into the bottle, stir and drink.
This would help your body get hydrated just before your morning workout , boosting your metabolism and helping you burn those calories easily.
have two serving of this, once in the morning , then in the evening.
this means your consuming 2 complete lemons with water everyday.

, Eat whatever is good for your body

almonds, apples, avocados and peanut butter boosts your metabolism.
apple, brinjal, papaya and corn are negative calorie foods .
peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, bananas and cheese are super healthy and fill you up easily.

, Just before you eat, put everything that you think you’ll eat on the plate, make sure it’s all healthy with all nutrients in proper proportions . Make sure you do not put in too much. Once your done, your done. Don’t go for a second serving.

, Enjoy the flavour, enjoy the texture , indulge yourself into it. Your stomach takes 20 min to realise it’s full.

,,, Don’t tell that you don’t have even 15 min for workout everyday. Whether its 15 min or 1hr, a workout is a workout .i recommend a 30-35 min workout

walk for 5 minutes
do 700 rope jumps ( normal , medium speed )
do either upper body or lower body toning workouts. Alternate them and balance it out. If one day you do upper body toning exercises, the next day concentrate on your lower body.
run for 10 min as fast as you can.
end your workout with a 5 min walk and stretch your legs

, 8hrs should be fine.


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