How to Look Refreshed when You Wake Up



Let in natural light.,
Do some exercise first thing in the morning.Exercise increases body temperature and releases endorphins that help you awaken.Try some light exercises – leg raises, light crunches, arm swings – focused on flexibility, range of motion, and limber body parts.

Smell yourself awake.,
Chug some coffee.,
Drink cold water.,
Splash cold water on your face.

Sunlight, or an artificial alternative, helps your body accept the awakening. Not only will you wake up easier, but you’ll reset your body’s clock, feel better rested, and improve your mood.,, Stimulate and invigorate the body with aroma. Try one of the following suggestions:

Coffee has been shown to help in the morning, but it’s not just for drinking. Smelling the aroma of coffee has been shown in some studies to lessen stress and help provide a little boost.Try aromatherapy. Some studies have shown a connection between usage of essential oils and alertness/drowsiness.Other scents, like citrus, increase happiness and stimulate the mind via serotonin and norepinephrine hormones. Try incorporating rosemary scent into your morning routine to shake off some cobwebs.

, The caffeine in coffee confuses the brain by binding to and removing adenosine, a chemical that helps regulate wakefulness.The less adenosine, the more awake you feel. Be careful because body will eventually adjust to this temporary replacement for sleep.

, Drinking water in the morning is a good way to get your metabolism going. The cold water forces the body to work a bit harder to achieve the neutral 98.6 Fahrenheit (37 Celsius) balance., The cold water hitting your skin is a shock to the system. It also has the added benefit of reducing fatigue, increasing the metabolic rate, and kick-starting the central nervous system.

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