How to Look Cute in Front of Your Ex, Crush, or Boyfriend (Teen Girls Only)



Dress to impress.,
Wear you hair down or up in a simple way.,
Apply make up to always look natural.,
Smell nice.,
Maintain the beauty “extras.” This means put in an effort to always look your best.

Dress in a way that is feminine and flattering. Men tend to gravitate towards hourglass figures. This means you should accentuate your waist by using a belt or fitted shirt to draw the eye to the waist. Wear flowing materials like lace overlays and feminine cuts like the sweat-heart neckline. Studies show that men also gravitate towards teen girls who wear red.;
, That means no overly complicated twists or braids. Instead try a messy, casual up-do or long flowing curls.

Maintain hair with a thick conditioner and a heat protector spray if you curl or straighten your hair often.

, It should draw his focus to certain features.

Lips: Full, plump lips are attractive to men. So try using a light to medium pink to carefully paint your pout.

Eyes: Big, bright eyes can be attractive to men. The goal is to line the eyes without drawing too much attention to the make up. So instead of overdoing the smokey eye, try using white shadow on the corners of the eye and just below the eyebrow, then put a thin layer of liquid liner on the top lash line and use a voluminous mascara.

, This will leave a lasting impression. Literally. Spray enough perfume for him to smell if he leans in. Don’t overdo it, if you do, use rubbing alcohol to remove some of your excess scent.


Teeth: Get shiny, white teeth by using a whitening toothpaste. Every five months, try using bleaching strips to add a little extra whitening power to your mouth. Always use mouthwash after brushing your teeth to prevent any bad breath.

It’s a myth that you should chew gum in order to freshen your breath. This will actually cause your saliva glands to overact worsening your breath. Instead try a breath mint.

Skin: Get bright, glowing skin by washing your face every night and by exfoliating once a week. This will cause your skin to look fresh and new. If you want to add a little color, add some bronzer to your routine instead of tanning which can cause damage to your efforts to look cute in front of your ex, crush or boyfriend.

Body: Get smooth and soft legs by using a men’s razor instead of a women’s razor. Use a body scrub that prevents break outs or that has exfoliates in it. Your ex, boyfriend or crush will think you look cute if you do this, for sure!

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