How to Look Cute in Front of Your Ex, Crush, or Boyfriend (Teen Girls Only)



Be flirtatious.,
Be confident.,
Smile genuinely.,
Use body language.,
Stick to positive small talk topics.

Always be approachable, look like you are having fun and be open to a conversation. If you want to appear ‘cute,’ don’t try to play hard to get or ignore him. While this is supposed to work, men are more drawn towards teen girls who seem to be having fun, who appear likeable and don’t take things too seriously. So instead of pretending like you don’t notice him, walk up and pay him a compliment. He will be impressed by your forwardness and will be drawn to continue talking to you.

, While you want to be approachable, don’t be desperate. Have fun and he will follow. Guys are attracted to teen girls who seem to be having their own fun and who have their own lives. By showing him that you are happy on your own, he will want to join in.

, Your smile is your best attribute. Especially if you followed the other steps, your smile could be a huge turn on. So smile like you mean it. Men are attracted to fun and happy teen girls.

, Look directly at him when you are listening and speaking to him, it will make him think you are interested in what he is saying. Touching his arm with your hand is a nonsexual way to show interest in a guy. Also make sure to mirror his body language, it will subconsciously make you guys on the same wavelength.

, It can be a huge turn off for men listening to a girl who can’t stop complaining. Stick to positive stories and lighthearted subjects and he will associate you with the great conversation he just had.

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