How to Look After Your Syrian Hamster



First you need to write down a list of names to call your pet hamster.The names can be anything you want Ex: Bob, Fred, Hammy, Daisy, Lilly, Honey, etc.,
Before you get your hamster you need to go to your local pet shop.,
Also the day before you get your hamster it is a good idea to make a spreadsheet like the one on the picture.,
It is best to buy your hamster in the late afternoon to the evening, because hamsters tend to be more awake by then.,
When you get the hamster it will come in a couple of boxes.,
When you get home open the box and put the hole by the cage door and let the hamster run out.,
Tame your hamster slowly by letting it get used to your hand, voice, and scent.

, Purchase bedding, a 3-foot long cage with lots of area space, fortified pellets or blocks, a water bottle, toys, a small house for it to sleep in, a wheel, a ball, food, sawdust, fruit sticks, honey sticks, yogurt drops, milk drops, things to bite on like wooden chews, and anti bacteria spray.

, Imagine if your brother or sister feeds the hamster then you think it hasn’t been fed so you feed it again. That would be 2 feedings in 1 day. Give your hamster its food and plenty of fresh water every day at the same time. Food and water must be provided at all times. Change the food and water daily.

, Before you get your hamster, make sure you clean the habitat and place bedding, water, food, toys, and a small house in the aquarium.

, They tend to bite out of the boxes; they are only cardboard. You’ll have to bring a larger, more comfortable travel kit with some bedding, water, food, and some toys.

, It will be in a bit of a panic at first. But don’t bother it for the next four to five days to let it adjust to your new home. If you insist after the next day to play with it, you will stress your hamster even if it doesn’t bite you. If it does bite, it is to be blamed on human disrespect and not hamster nastiness or aggression.

, This will take a couple of weeks. Offering treats from your hand will help. Don’t be frightened if the hamster nips at you. Sometimes they do that just to test your hand. Respect your hamster’s space if it runs away, bares its teeth, and/or rolls on its back.

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