How to Look After Your Mind and Body



Keep hair looking shiny by rinsing it with cold water for two minutes after conditioning it.,
Don’t use too much conditioner, it will pull your hair down and give it less volume.

Wash your hair at least every-other day or it will get greasy and increase the chance of spots on your face.

When you wash your hair, do not brush it as this upsets the natural pattern of your hair and makes it frizzy.,
When wearing a hair bobble don’t put it in too tight as this damages your hair and slows down hair growth.,
To prevent hair breakage when sleeping, sleep on a satin pillow or wear a scarf.

Do not get armpit wet.

Try different styles everyday if you have long hair there is an endless amount of possibilities, if you have short hair try extensions for a really different look.

,,, Instead, comb it with a wide-tooth comb for tangles.

, Instead when you go to tie your hair up leave a fingers width of space between your scalp and the bobble this will look cool as well as it will decrease the chance of hair loss.


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