How to Load a Frightened Horse Into a Horse Trailer



Prepare to load two horses together.,
Load the other horse into the trailer first, making sure to tie him or her before leaving.,
Come back for your horse next, and be patient.,
If your horse loads, tie him/her up and close the trailer.,
Unload your horse’s friend first, and then your horse.,
Work your way towards solo travel.

If your horse is of the trusting nature, having a friend might help him or her load. If you don’t have a trailer that accommodates two or more horses, ask around your barn to see if you can borrow someone’s for a few hours.;
, It’s best to use a horse that loads well into trailers, so your horse will see that his/her friend isn’t frightened.

, Even though she/he sees a friend, s/he may not be too trusting. Walk up patiently, and reward every step forward with a praise.

, It’s best not to quickly unload your horse, as they will expect that to be normal. Close the trailer and leave your horse and his/her friend in there for a bit before unloading them.

, Make sure to give your horse a treat or praise, so they know that they did the right thing by loading and unloading. If you wish to try again, let him/her have a few minutes to calm down

, If you want to try this exercise again, try it without your horse’s friend, with your horse’s friend loading second, or with your horse’s friend tied to the outside of the trailer. Your horse can’t always travel with a buddy, so be sure to wean him/her off loading with one, so they don’t freak out when it comes time to inspect it.

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