How to Load a Frightened Horse Into a Horse Trailer



Know that you can’t just expect your horse to do what you tell them when you tell them if the result is often negative.,
Walk into the trailer and ask your horse to follow.,
Praise each step forward.,
If your horse successfully loads, make sure to tie him/her up and close the trailer, so that they do not automatically equate loading with getting out.

If you wish to try this exercise again, give your horse a few minutes before reloading.

Trailers are an unfamiliar place where your horse experiences rocking, odd movements, and general insecurity.

, Avoid entering the trailer before your horse does, if possible. It may sometimes be necessary. Horses are herd animals and, by instinct, will follow someone or something that they trust.

Your horse may balk at loading, but hold firm and do not let your horse back up.
Eventually, your horse will get tired of you putting pressure on his/her halter that s/he will move forward a few steps. Horses don’t like pressure and, while you should never be trying to pull your horse’s head off, gently pulling on the halter is enough of a nuisance that they will try to relieve the pressure.

, Your horse should know that by moving into the trailer, they are doing what you want and should be rewarded.

,, Practicing will make perfection, and your horse should be a pro by the time you’re finished

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