How to Load a Frightened Horse Into a Horse Trailer



Find a treat your horse loves.,
Let your horse get a good whiff of your treat of choice, then place said treat into the trailer.,
If you choose to put the treat into the trailer, make sure to keep a handful or pocketful of it to feed to your horse as s/he loads, as praise for doing the right thing.

If your horse properly loads, let him/her have the rest of the treat as a reward, then leave him/her in there after closing the trailer for a few minutes.,
Unload your horse and give him/her a good pat on the neck.,
If you want to try this exercise again, try only having treats when they properly load or only after they have successfully loaded and unloaded.

Horses are very motivated by food, so try that to get him/her loaded. This method works best with sweet feed or grain, but hay will work too.

, You can also hold the treat in your hand as you enter the trailer, to keep your horse motivated.

,, It’s best not to quickly unload your horse, as they will expect that to be normal.

, If you wish to try again, wait a few minutes to let them calm down.

, Giving your horse treats every time you load is fine, but you also want to encourage them to do it one their own.

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