How to Live With a Moluccan Cockatoo



Be sure your home and family is willing to accept the responsibilities and needs of the Cockatoo.,
Buy a very large cage and try to get one with a play gym on the top.,
Plan on buying lots of toys or making them.,
Pay attention to the birds.,
Good training early on in a bird’s life will ensure continued acceptable behavior later on when the hormones kick in.,
If you go out, leave a radio or the TV on so they have something to listen to and watch.,
While some learn to talk well, they generally are the clowns and love entertaining you by dancing, flapping and swinging with loud abandon.,
If you plan on taking your bird outside, buy a harness or travel cage.

If you wish to cut down on the dust, make sure you have an excellent air cleaner in the same room and plan on a small shop vac for daily cleanups of debris thrown from the cage. Note it says ” cut down “. Cockatoos produce large amounts of dust and your home will get coated with it. Running the vacuum and / or dusting daily is pretty common with the Cockatoo species. They produce that much dust. Allergies or asthma ? Consider a different species.;
, Place the cage against a wall (unless you have a chewer) and never in front of a window where the bird cannot find some privacy and seclusion. Keep the cage where the bird can see family members interacting and feel like they are part of the action but in an area away from the kitchen and fumes.

, Cockatoos love to destroy things, chew up old socks, and their bright minds need to be stimulated all the time. Rotate the toys every week to keep their interest.

, These are not birds that can be left 8 hours a day with no human interaction. They become neurotic and can resort to self-mutilation to try to comfort themselves.

, Make sure you allow them time to amuse themselves and not indulge their constant need for attention. These birds aren’t called ‘Velcro’ birds for nothing!

, Tell them you are coming back and will see them in a little bit. They understand a lot and have the intelligence of a 2 year-old human.

, Their vocal range is wide and can be heard halfway down the block, so have understanding neighbors that have been allowed to get to know the bird when you take it outside. If you live in an apartment, do not even consider a Moluccan. With a yell capable of reaching 130db, your neighbors will ensure you don’t stay long.

, Wing clipping is not enough.

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