How to Limit Your Exposure to Lead



Get your blood tested.,
Be well nourished with necessary metals, such as iron and zinc.,
Make sure nothing in your life includes lead.

Ideally, your level would be zero, but normal levels are less than 10 micrograms/deciliter. If your level is any higher, then you will be prescribed medicine, usually EDTA, to make you excrete the lead.;
, Don’t have too much of them, or that could poison you too. Having those metals in your body can help stop lead from entering.

, Have your tap water, products, and paint in your house tested for lead. Some things that may have lead in them are…

bottom layers of paint in houses in US built before 1979. Since the paint will only be on the bottom layers, you will generally be fine as long as it’s not peeling.

Hand-painted things from some developing countries.
bullets. Make sure to use copper/brass coated bullets (most are) to eliminate airborne lead when shooting, but still wash your hands when you are done.

tap water. Drink your water from a filter in your refrigerator or a container.

car batteries. You generally do not touch these, but if you repair or manufacture them, you’re in trouble.

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