How to Lie About Your Crush Being Your Boyfriend



Again, come up with a whole story, and stick with it.,
If you know how to write like your crush, write a note in his hand writing saying, Will you go out with me, (your name)?,
If you prefer, tell a story if you really do have each other’s phone numbers.,
If you have an iPhone, there are websites where you can make fake text messages.,
Now come up with casual stories about dates and you’re good to go!

Don’t change things around otherwise it won’t be confusing.

, or something like that. This will be SO convincing.

, Say that he called you to ask you out, and if you can, show your call history, and make it seem like he called you at those times to ask you out (and you know it was only to have a casual conversation really).

, You can do all kinds of settings to make it look like you really did text each other. Make believe he texted, Will you go out with me? and you replying, Yes.  You might want to avoid the banners that may appear on the pictures too that show where the picture was made from. That would be a dead giveaway.


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