How to Let a Guy Friend Know You’re Not Interested Romantically in a Nice Way



Don’t make it awkward.,
Take a break.,
Go back to being friends.

After you’ve told him your news, you should avoid being awkward about it. After your conversation, it’s likely that you’ll still see each other, so don’t avoid him, blush, or try to run away if you see him. Just keep hanging out with your group of friends, and be nice when you see him.

Don’t make things more awkward by telling everyone what happened. If you’re in the same group of friends, then everyone around you will be making things awkward too.

, Though you can eventually resume your friendship, you should take it easy for a little while. Remember that time you liked a guy who didn’t like you back? Well, did you love hanging out with him after you found out the truth? Probably not. He may be hurting just by being around you, so try to cool it on the solo-friendship front.

You can still be nice if you see him in groups, but don’t invite him out to movies, coffee dates, or whatever it is you used to do all the time every chance you get.
Don’t ignore him completely. You can invite him somewhere once in a while so he doesn’t feel like you’re avoiding him. But wait for him to initiate the friendship move.

, It may take time for you to go back to being friends with the guy after he revealed his feelings. But in many cases, this is completely doable, as long as there isn’t too much water under the bridge. Give it a few weeks, or even a few months, and resume hanging out just like you used to. Who knows — maybe you’ll even be able to laugh about the situation one day, or find out that you’re developing a crush on the guy two years down the road.

Unfortunately, there are some cases where it’s just not possible for you to return to your former friendship. The guy may feel too hurt or embarrassed, and being around you may only make him feel worse. If this is the case, then accept it and move on.

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