How to Leave Your Pets Alone While on Vacation



Assess your pet’s needs.,
Adjust your pet’s schedule.,
Write detailed instructions.,
Talk to your veterinarian.

All pets are different and have unique personalities. Some do well when left alone for longer periods of time and others do not. Pets that are more social, have medical conditions, or that are used to having lots of interaction with others may not do as well on their own for long periods of time.Also consider your pet’s feeding schedule or if your pet likes to get into things and make a mess when you are not around.
Younger pets may not be able to handle being left alone as well as more mature pets.
If your animal has separation anxiety, a pet-sitter or a boarding house may be a good option.;
, Two weeks before your vacation, start leaving your pet home alone for longer periods of time. If you usually leave your pet at home while you are away at work, leave your house for a couple of hours after work each day. If you usually see your pet during the day, leave your pet at home while you are at work.This will prepare your pet to spend more time alone.

, If you are leaving your pet in someone else’s care, it is important that you give him or her enough information to care for your pet. Leave your contact information, the phone number of your veterinarian in case of an emergency. If your pet has any special dietary needs or likes specific treats or toys, write this information down. Include information about your pet’s routine, bathroom habits, schedule, and any medications.Also include any information about your pet’s personality that someone may need to know. Does your pet get excited when someone is at the door? Does your pet have a favorite hiding place?

Be as detailed as possible when writing down the instructions. It is better to give someone too much information than not enough.

, It is important that your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations and is healthy before you leave for vacation. This is also the time to ask about the best options for leaving your pet when you are gone. Your veterinarian may have recommendations for pet sitters and boarding options. Leaving your pet in a safe and trusted place will keep you from worrying while you are gone.

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