How to Leave Your Pets Alone While on Vacation



Make your home comfortable.,
Pet-proof your home.,
Use an automatic feeder.,
Consider a pet camera.

If your pet will be staying at home on its own, keep the thermostat at a comfortable temperature for your pet. Maintain the thermostat as if you were still at your house. Close the doors to any rooms that you do not want your pet to get into. Make sure that your pet has a good bed and way to go to the bathroom (doggy door or litter box).

Leave food and water for your pet in a familiar place.

, Your home should be safe if you have a pet that roams freely throughout the house. Keep trash cans, toilets, and heating/air vents covered. Move any plants that may be poisonous, household cleaners, medications, and chemicals to higher shelves. Put away any toys, games, magazines, arts and crafts supplies, food, and household knick-knacks or decorations that may be tempting to your pet.

Hide your clothing and shoes from your pet as well.

, If you must leave your pet alone for a few days, use an automatic feeder. An automatic feeder will portion out your pet’s food as many times a day as necessary. This will keep your pet from overeating. Also, some pets, such as cats, prefer eating fresh foods and would not be happy with a huge bowl of food left out.

There are automated feeders for both food and water., If you have no one to check on your pet while you are away, a pet camera will allow you to monitor your pet. Some of these tools will allow you to interact with your pet as well.If you are unable to purchase a camera, there are surveillance apps that are more affordable.

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