How to Leave Your Pets Alone While on Vacation



Try a pet sitter.,
Ask a friend or neighbor to check on your pet.,
Take your pet to a boarding kennel.,
Try home boarding.

Having someone come to your home will allow your pet to be comfortable in its usual environment. Decide how often your sitter will visit your pet. Will the sitter come by once a day or multiple times a day?It’s best to use a professional sitter. Professional pet sitters can be found on the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS)or Professional Pet Sitters Inc.Pet sitters are also ideal for cats, who prefer to stay in their home environment and find being away from home stressful.Have a back up sitter in case of emergency., Leave your pet at home and have a neighbor or friend come and check on your pet from time to time. Introduce your pet to your neighbor or friend so your pet is comfortable. Try taking a walk with your pet and the friend or have your friend over for a meal.Find out how much experience your friend or neighbor has with pets.
You could also have your pet stay at the friend’s or neighbor’s house.
If you are taking your pet to someone else’s home, bring something from your home that will make your pet feel comfortable (e.g. bed, blanket, favorite toy).

, You can make arrangements to take your dog to a kennel. Make sure the kennel is certified by the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA). Other questions you should ask the kennel include: the staff-to-pet ratio, clean and secure facility, climate controlled, frequency of exercise for the animals, grooming options, where will your pet be housed (e.g. individual crate or suite), and how much interaction your pet will have with other animals.Dogs do well at kennels because they are social animals.
It’s best to visit the kennel before you make arrangements for your pet to stay there. You want to be comfortable with wherever your pet is staying.
Leave your contact information and your veterinarian’s contact information with people at the kennel.

, Some individuals will offer boarding for a small number of animals in their home. This is good for animals who like to socialize and be with other animals. This setting is more intimate than a traditional boarding kennel. Ask your veterinarian for a referral.Evaluate the in-home boarding place the same way you would evaluate any other boarding kennel.

Dog Vacayand Roverare good places to find in-home boarding for your dog.
Go and check out the facility before you send your pet there.

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