How to Leave Romantic Notes for Your Crush



Use their name.,
Include a compliment.,
Craft a poem or draw a picture.,
Be confident.,
Don’t be too forward.,
Leave it on their desk or locker, if you’re a student.,
Leave the note at a place you know they’ll wind up.,
Don’t violate their personal space.,
Let them know who you are, if they don’t already.,
Pass them a note.,
Ask them if they want to do something.,
Stop leaving notes if you think the person doesn’t like you.

Use their name in the note so they can be sure that the note is for them. If you don’t include their name, they might think the note was intended for someone else. In the end, your note won’t have its intended effect.

Start off by writing it like a letter, for instance “Dear Sally”.
Write them a message and include their name in the message.;
, Start a note off by letting them know how much you admire them. In addition, you could comment about one their great qualities – qualities that make you want to be around them. Consider:

Letting them know how smart you think they are.
Telling them how you think they are handsome or beautiful.
Stating how you think they are funny and witty., If you’re artistically inclined, you could write a short and sweet poem or draw a picture for your crush. Ultimately, a poem or a picture could send a sweet message and let them know that they are in your thoughts.

Draw a picture of them.
Write a poem about the things you like about them.

, Don’t tell them that you are head-over-heels for them and would do anything to be with them. Instead, let them know that you are a sure and confident person and would really like to get to know them better.

Write something like, “Out of all of the people I know, you seem like someone I really should spend more time with.”, The worst thing you can do is to leave your crush a note that leaves them with the impression that you are obsessed with them or are stalking them. If you do this, you’ll likely alienate the person, insult them, or scare them.

Avoid stating how much you love them.
Don’t say that you think about them constantly.
Never write inappropriate sexual things. This will likely be seen as harassment and could get you into trouble., Tape or simply leave the note on their desk or locker. You should be able to easily place a note on their desk when you’re coming into a classroom or leaving one. You can also tape the note onto or slide it into their locker as you’re walking by it.If you’re not a student, you should avoid leaving romantic notes on a colleague’s desk. In addition, consider avoiding flirtations during office hours — this could be taken as sexual harassment.

, If your crush looks forward to your notes, one of the best things for you to do would be to leave notes randomly in places you know they’ll be. This way, they’ll be surprised whenever they see the note.

If you know your crush sits at a certain place at lunch, think about leaving the note there.
Leave it on their car windshield.

, Never trespass or open your crush’s locker, car, bookbag, purse, or anything else private to leave your note. By violating your crush’s personal space, you’ll send the message that you don’t respect them or are way too aggressive. In the end, you may wind up alienating them rather than winning their affection.

Avoid leaving a note in their mailbox, on their front door, or at their home. They may think you are stalking them.
Don’t follow your crush from work or school to give them a note.

, Ultimately, while you may leave some “secret admirer” notes, you don’t want to go too long leaving notes without letting them know who you are. Whether it be in your first note, second note, or a few notes later, you need to give them an idea of who you are. You can do this in several ways:

Simply write your name at the bottom of the note.
Give them some sort of clue about who you are.
Approach them later and tell them you’re their special note writer., The best way to take your relationship to the next level is to start to hand them notes directly. This is especially true if you know they’re receptive to your flirtations. In the end, they might hand you a note back., After you’ve left a few notes, you should ask them if they’d like to do something with you. Ultimately, going on a date – or just hanging out – is the next logical step in your evolving relationship. Suggest:

Going to the movies.
Taking a walk after school.
Getting a bite to eat together.

, If you get the sense that the person doesn’t really welcome your notes, you should stop immediately. You might be able to sense this from how they look when they get a note, from the comments they make about it to other people, or you can ask a friend to inquire about it. Ultimately, if they aren’t interested in the notes, you should stop immediately.

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