How to Learn When to Separate Hamsters



Know when a new litter is born.,
Keep the mother in a safe, quiet environment.,
Watch for weaning.,
Provide adequate food for weaned babies.,
Remove pups at 3 weeks.,
Separate hamsters into pairs, or alone.

Hopefully, you’ve already noticed that your hamster is pregnant. Her belly has probably been bulging, and she hasn’t been moving around very much. Or, she may seem aggressive and restless—moving around quite a bit.Hamster pregnancies last between 16 and 22 days.
Check the cage each day and mark on your calendar the day that the baby hamsters appear.;
, Make sure she has plenty of nesting material, such as cedar shavings. This helps the mother feel safe, and lowers the possibility that she will abandon or eat her young.Leave new mothers undisturbed for 7 days.
Make sure the mother has plenty of food and water that is easily accessible.

, Pups will try to nurse for several weeks, but the mother will start to discourage them after 10 days to 2 weeks. Weaning is a sign that the hamsters are almost ready to be separated., When the pups are being weaned, provide some solid food that has been soaked in water. This can be pellets or other commercial hamster food.Make sure the food and water are accessible to even the smallest pups.

, By now, the pups should all be eating solid food. You can remove them from the mother’s company safely.

If some of the pups are particularly small or unhealthy, they may need to stay with the mother for an extra week.
Hamsters should be separated from the mother by 10 weeks at the latest.

, Dwarf hamsters do well in same sex pairings. This is particularly true of females. Syrian (or Golden) hamsters cannot be housed in pairs. They must be kept alone or they will become territorial and fight.

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