How to Learn When to Separate Hamsters



Know the species of your hamster.,
Know the sex of your hamster.,
Try housing your hamster alone.,
Try a new pairing.,
Separate hamsters if necessary.

If you don’t know what species your hamster is, check with your local pet store or with a veterinarian. Some species of hamster must always be housed alone.Syrian hamsters must be housed alone.
Dwarf hamsters generally do well in pairs.
Never place hamsters of different species together.

, Telling the sex of a hamster is usually rather easy. Males have very noticeable testicles underneath their tails.When pairing hamsters, always choose two hamsters of the same sex, unless you’re an experienced breeder.
Female pairings almost always work well. Male pairings more often lead to conflict.

, Even hamsters that are from a social species sometimes prefer to be by themselves. You can place your hamster in a cage by themselves and see if they seem active and happy.Hamsters housed alone should get plenty of playtime with you. This satisfies their need for social interaction.

, If you suspect that your hamster would like a companion, you can try introducing a new hamster to their home. Watch their interactions carefully.Look for signs of positive companionship and of competition.

, If the hamsters fight continuously and do not exhibit positive ways of relating, you may need to house them alone once more.Do not separate hamsters in the middle of a fight. Wait until they are calm and relaxed.

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