How to Learn When to Separate Hamsters



Create a comfortable home for both hamsters.,
Look for signs of a positive relationship.,
Look for signs of injury or bullying.,
Enlarge their living space.,
Separate the hamsters if the relationship has not improved.,
Keep hamsters separated from now on.

Hamsters like companionship, but it’s important that they have enough personal space. There should be two “houses” and two of any toy to reduce competition.Make it impossible for one hamster to trap the other. Boxes or houses must have at least two exits.
Tubes should not be too long and should not contain blind corners.

, Signs of a good relationship are sleeping, eating, and playing together. You can also look to see if the hamsters are grooming each other.Hamsters are very active at night, so it’s possible you may not see them play together during the day.

, Some squabbling and fighting is normal and even healthy. Hamsters may be working out territory or dominance issues. However, if one hamster seriously injures another, that is not healthy.If a hamster is bleeding or appears weak or wounded, you need to separate the hamsters.
Let the fight resolve before removing a hamster. Interrupting can make things worse or put you or the injured hamster in danger.

, Sometimes hamsters fight because they do not have enough space. If your hamsters are not getting along, you can try giving them more space before separating them.Make sure there is plenty of healthy bedding now that the space is larger.
Giving them a larger space may not solve the problem. Keep an eye out to make sure that the hamsters aren’t hurting each other in the new space.

, You need to remove one of the hamsters before things get dangerous. When the hamsters are relaxed, reach into the cage and remove one of the hamsters.The separated hamster will need a new home with plenty of bedding and things to play with.
The hamsters can be kept near each other, but make sure they cannot physically reach each other.

, Sometimes people try to reintroduce hamsters after separating them. Do not do this. There is a high likelihood that the hamsters will recognize each other as threats rather than old friends.You may choose to introduce new hamsters to the cages, depending on the species of hamster.

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