How to Learn About the Appaloosa Horse



Search on the internet and books for information about horses generally and Appaloosas specifically.,
Look up the societies, clubs, and groups formed to promote, breed, and show Appaloosa horses.,
Learn about the coat patterns.,
Read up on the background and origins of Appaloosa horses.,
Look for use of the Appaloosa horse in movies.,

Good generalist horse books will carry a section on Appaloosas, and specialist books will provide you with all the information you need.

For looking online, look up both information about the horse, and images of the horse.

, These sites will contain a lot of information about Appaloosa horses.

In the USA, the registry for Appaloosa horses is the ApHC or the Appaloosa Horse club.

, Appaloosa horses are known for their unique coat patterns. Most of this breed have a white sclera, striped hooves, mottled skin and a colorful coat.

, There is evidence of spotted horses dating back to the Paleolithic era in Europe. The Nez Perce people developed the horse we know today. The white people called appaloosa horse The Palouse horse named after the Palouse river that ran through the middle of Nez Perce territory. The name eventually became Appaloosa. The Nez Perce lost lots of horses in the war in 1877 but a few people still bred the horse and a registry was formed in 1975.

, It is often used in movies because it is good at western disciplines.


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