How to Know Whether You Should Get Eye Correction Surgery



Consult an ophthalmologist, preferably one who has eye correction experience.,
Don’t expect the surgery to correct multiple vision problems.,
Understand the risks.,
Be aware of the side effects.,
Don’t make eye surgery your first option.,
Assume you will still need glasses.,
Expect to pay out-of-pocket.

Get a thorough eye exam and discuss the results with your doctor. You may not qualify for corrective eye surgery if:

You have glaucoma.
You have macular degeneration.;
, There is no procedure that can correct both nearsightedness and near farsightedness. However, it is possible to have a procedure called monovision where one eye is corrected for one condition and the other eye is corrected for another condition.

, According to the Mayo Clinicthere are some risks involved even though eye surgery is a low-risk procedure. Surgery complications include under correction and over correction. Obviously, over correction (when too much tissue is removed) is harder to fix. Uneven tissue removal can cause astigmatism, which would require additional surgery to correct.

, Like any surgical procedure, there are often side effects. You may or may not experience them, but be sure to ask your doctor what you can expect. Some of the side effects of eye correction surgery are:

Dry eyes
Difficulty with night vision
Incomplete healing of the eyes and risk of infection due to autoimmune disease or immunodeficiency disease.

, The best results for corrective eye surgery are for people who have worn corrective lenses with stable prescription strength for two or more years.

, According to Consumer Reports,more than half of the people who have Lasik eye surgery still have to wear glasses at least some of the time.

, Most insurance policies don’t cover eye correction surgery because it is considered an elective medical procedure. Weigh the cost of the surgery against the cost of replacing eyeglasses or contact lenses during your lifetime. In the end, the surgery may be cheaper.

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