How to Know When to Tell Someone You Like Them



Have self confidence.,
Spend some time together.,
Find somewhere you and this person can be alone together, even if you’re just behind the crowd talking to each other.

Get comfortable with the person.,
Go with your gut.,
If you are friends but not in regular contact then, you have to get them to interact with you and then you have to be with them to then tell them how you feel.

It will probably be a moment where you’re talking alone with this person when you can say “I was wondering, do you like me?,
It might feel like there never is a time to tell them.,
Always tell the truth to them Be honest; everyone likes somebody who will tell them the truth, even if that’s not exactly what they wanted to hear.

Don’t go straight out and ask your crush do they like you.,
Become good friends with your crush and get to know them.

Compliment them and make it clear that you admire and appreciate them.

Some playful teasing is ok but never be mean or cruel and then act as if it was a joke because that will only turn them off of you.

,Hug them at lunchtime or something, but not every hour of the day

Text them a little bit after you saw each other.

Remember, if you never tell this person you like them, you’re risking never knowing if they like you and could miss out on a wonderful relationship. You might regret this in the future.;
, Make sure you sincerely like them, to avoid an awkward relationship.

,, Get to know them better.

, If you’re already friends with the someone and you would much rather stay friends forever, don’t break your friendship because you’re afraid of making it awkward between the two of you. See where it goes first, then decide.

,, Because I like you.” If you don’t do this, you risk being forever in the friend-zone, or not being in a zone at all. Do NOT attempt this over an online chat, or over the phone. This makes the situation even more awkward than it needs to be. Telling your crush that you like them in person benefits the both of you, as you get to see their genuine reaction.

, And for all we know, there’s never a good time to tell someone you like them. It will probably be awkward even if they like you back. But it sure is awesome if they do!

,, That would make the situation very awkward for your crush and he/she would probably try to avoid you.

,,,,, Say something like, “I had a great day, good night.” This let’s them know that you enjoyed your day with them. By dropping this type of hint, it also makes it a bit easier to tell them that you like them.

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