How to Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy



Be honest, but not brutally honest.,
Ask her what makes her happy.,
Be understanding.,
Listen actively during conversations.,
Pay attention to non-verbal cues.,
Compliment her to show her you care about her.,
Don’t take her for granted.

Girls like guys who are honest with them about things going on in their lives, but you don’t need to tell her when she isn’t looking 100%. Many people have rough days., Be direct to discover what specific things you should and should not do to ensure she stays happy. Having a relationship built on open communication and honesty is crucial to ensure that it’s going to last.

, A girl wants you to get to know her on a deep level so they don’t have to always explain herself. Learn to be empathetic to her and be able to understand things she is going through.Don’t dismiss her problems or concerns.
Be aware of little things that upset her.
Be willing to go out of your way to do the things she wants.

, Girls like to talk; they want guys who truly listen and are able to open up and talk back as well. Communication is a two way street that requires both parties to listen and speak.Allow her to speak her mind without dominating the conversation.
Listen without trying to solve all the problems.
Rephrase what she says and repeat it back telling her you understand what she said.

, Girls communicate with more than just words. Be aware of the signals she’s sending when she isn’t talking.Watch her body language to see if she likes something or if it makes her uncomfortable.
Listen to the tone of her voice, not just the words, to find hidden inflections.
Look into her eyes when she smiles. A true smile can be seen in the eyes and you can learn what makes her truly happy.

, A girl likes to be complimented not only on her looks, but also about her abilities like her intellect, sports skills, or sense of humor..

, Girls like to be appreciated. Show gratitude when they do things for you, even the small things.Recognize and thank her for the things she does.
Let her know you’re grateful through your words and actions.

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