How to Know What a Girl Wants in a Guy



Know what is happening in the world.,
Help her study.,
Share your interests with her.,
Learn about arts and culture.,
Know how to cook a meal.

Knowing current events is not only great material for small talk, but also a great way to show a girl that you are smart and aware of the world around you.

, Being able to help a girl learn something new is a great way to make a connection. It can help you build common interests and also helps her see you as a knowledgeable provider., Girls want to become part of a guy’s life. If you can teach her and share something that you are interested in with her, it is a great way to draw her in.

, Girls appreciate guys who have more than one dimension. If all you know about is sports statistics it might be harder to have a conversation with a girl. Learning about music and art are great ways to show her that you are interested in a variety of topics.

, Girls want to know that they aren’t the only one who is responsible for preparing food. Even if you only know how to make one meal, learn the recipe by heart so you can make her an amazing dinner without having to fumble through a cookbook.

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