How to Know if You’re Falling for Your Best Friend



Notice the telltale sign of butterflies in your stomach.,
Notice your inability to concentrate.,
Recognize those dreams of a future together.,
Consider whether you think about him or her every minute of every day.,
Notice your daydreaming.,
Note how music leaves you feeling.,
Consider how easy it is for you to stay put.,
Think about how it feels when you’re apart.,
Consider if suddenly you seem to care about what he or she thinks of you.,
Think about how you feel when together.

The next time you see your best friend, note whether you feel tingly inside. When he or she talks to you, the words in your mind get tangled up in a huge knot and you don’t know what to say. You try your best to get those words out of your mouth but it ends up that you just can’t bring yourself to. If talking just became a huge challenge for you, it may be a sign you’re falling in love.;
, When you go somewhere and get bored. Or, if you have extra time and feel like it, you take out your binder and a piece of paper and a few colored pencils and start doodling his or her name on the paper you brought out. You do this to make yourself feel that feeling, that feeling of love and a crush.

, When you’re asleep at night, you dream of you and him or her living a carefree and happy life together. Maybe you even dream about a honeymoon. Sometimes you get this one dream where he or she asks you out, and you say yes, and until you wake up you feel that that dream is real––you never want it to end.

, If you try to stop it, you just can’t. He or she has altered your mind somehow and you can’t get him or her out of there, everywhere you go and anytime of the day that’s all your imagination has in store for you, more of him or her.

, You sit down for a while and start writing, until you run out of ideas and you start to daydream about him/her and you like it. Until the point when someone snaps you out of it and you go back to reality. Your daydreams seem timeless and you imagine that you and him or her are the only two people in the world.

, You start listening to slow love songs, and those songs explain a sweet love story and strangely remind you of him or her. Then it becomes your favorite type of music for a long while. You listen to those songs again and again and you just can’t get enough, pretty soon you’ll know every single one of the lyrics.

, If you’re falling in love, you’ll likely find that you just can’t settle down and you find yourself wanting more and more of him or her. Maybe your friends also notice you’ve been acting strange lately. Somehow you seem to be getting a little bit clumsy––you start getting clumsy because he or she is the only thing that seems to go around in your mind and nothing else.

, If you find you miss him or her at all times, it’s likely to be falling in love.

You are hungry to meet up again, often. You find most happiness when you’re both together, not apart.
You just can’t wait to hang out together again.

, More than before that is. This is an indicator of growing love.

, If you feel that you don’t have to have a kind of “mask” around him or her and you feel like you can be yourself and express thoughts and feelings openly, things are off to a great and healthy start!

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