How to Know if Your Horse Needs Shoes



Understand that some conditions will be difficult for your horse if he is not shoed.,
Know that rocky ground can lead to pain if your horse does not have shoes.,
Be aware that roadwork can wear down hooves without shoes.,
Understand that if your horse needs extra grip, he should get shoes.,
Be aware that agile movements are easier to do when your horse has shoes.

There are some conditions, such as rough terrain or difficult work, that can cause your horse problems if he does not have shoes on. These conditions are discussed in the following steps., Rocky ground is more likely to bruise the sole of an unshod hoof. A shoe elevates the hoof slightly and decreases the impact of uneven ground on the underside of the hoof.

, Roadwork is very abrasive and wears the hoof down faster than it grows. This results in the horse walking on his sole and the bulbs of his heel, which is very painful. If your horse works on the road frequently, he should most likely be shoed.

, Unshod hooves are best equipped to deal with the natural landscape such as pasture, soil, or grassland. There are many other surfaces horses are expected to work on which do not provide good grip. Shoes will give your horse the grip he needs.

Examples include icy ground and pavements.

, When demands for extreme agility are placed on your horse, such as twisting and turning, or jumping, shoes can come in very handy. In these circumstances shoes are advisable because studs, or cork, can be inserted into the shoes to give your horse extra purchase and prevent him from slipping.

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