How to Know if Your Crush Likes You Back (for Guys)



Do the smile test.,
Start the conversation.,
Talk to her as much as possible.,
Listen carefully at all times.,
Become friends with her.,
Get to know about what kind of music she likes, her favorite TV show, her favorite celebrity, etc.,
Try the waist grab Test.,
Try the hug test.,
Try to hold her hand.,
Play with her hair.,
Do not flirt with other girls to see what her reaction is.,
Notice whether she tries to touch you.,
Notice her playing with her hair, rubbing her lips, looking at her nails, or fiddling with her fingers.,
Notice whether she makes eye contact while talking to you.,
Notice some typical responses from a person who might fancy you.

If you look at her and she’s already looking back at you, smile at her. Girls like it when the guy makes the first move. Hold the eye contact just for a second, then smile at her. If she likes you, she’ll smile back. If she doesn’t like you, she’ll give you a weird look or turn away.

Smile with your eyes and make sure you have white teeth and a nice breath.
Don’t use the smile test unless you guys know each other. Don’t try this with a crush that doesn’t know you.
Note: a smile and a cheesy grin are not the same thing. A cute grin is okay.;
, Start with something simple like, “Hey, how was your weekend?” or if it’s nearer the end of the week, “Hey, got anything planned for this weekend?”.

If she likes you, she’ll keep the conversation going by asking you questions about your weekend- and you’ll get into her life.
If she just mumbles something like, “It was fine” and then goes back to what she was doing, she’s probably not interested.

, A lot of guys think that if they talk to a girl a lot then they’ll think he’s pathetic, or clingy, but that’s just not true. Girls love it when you hang out with them and actually try to talk about all sorts of topics.

, Try to relate to what she says, but don’t try to be someone you’re not.

Don’t daydream while she is talking, she’ll hate that and find it a turn off.

, This is vital before continuing on with the next steps. You can only keep testing her interest if you are good friends. So, become good friends!

, Find out all that you can about stuff like that.

If she likes you, this will turn into a conversation, because she’ll ask you what your interests are too.
If she doesn’t like you, it will sound more like an interview. It sounds creepy if you’re just sitting there asking her all these questions and she’s responding with one-word answers. If this is the case, stop the “conversation” immediately.

, Make sure you know each other a lot before you try this, or it will totally backfire!

Sneak up on her from behind, and gently grab her waist. Don’t squeeze her skin or anything, just put your hands on her waist and leave them there. She may freak out a little at this––remember, someone has just sneaked up on her and put their hands around her waist!
If she jumps slightly or screams and turns round, say, “It’s only me!” and then smile. Do not laugh. Keep your hands on her waist.
If she likes you, she’ll smile back and maybe giggle a little bit, then return to her original position. Your hands should still be on her waist. Notice whether or not she leans in closer to you. If she does, tighten your grip ever so slightly, but then let go.
If she is not interested, she’ll probably just laugh and walk away.
If you two are shy friends, she’ll probably ask why you’re doing this, and how do you explain that? Have a ready answer prepared beforehand, such as “I was just feeling affectionate”.

, Note: only attempt this if the waist grab test was successful. Go up to her and hug her for no apparent reason. Make sure you hug her gently, not like you would with one of your guy friends. Put your hands on her upper back (steering well clear of her bra!) and slowly rub your hand in up-and-down or circular motions. If she’s interested, she’ll hug you back.

Notice whether her chin is resting on your shoulder. If it is, there’s some chemistry there. Rest your chin on her shoulder too, and bow your head a little bit so it looks like you’re looking at the ground.
If she doesn’t hug you back and moves away, she’s not interested.

, If you’re lucky enough to sit together in a class, attempt to hold her hand. But this has to be done very carefully. Make sure her hand is off the table and resting on her seat. If she’s right handed, sit on the left side of her. If she’s left handed, sit on the right side of her. Slowly move your hand towards hers and gently touch her wrist. She may jump a little at first; remember, this girl may like you.

If she doesn’t pull away, take your hand off her wrist and touch her hand. Attempt to hold her hand by slowly sliding your fingers in between hers. If she likes you, she will definitely hold your hand back.
If she does, try to stay holding hands for the remainder of the lesson.

, If she has a strand of hair in her face, gently tuck it behind her ear.

If she’s interested, she’ll likely smile.
If she’s not interested, she’ll likely move away.

, If this girl does like you back, seeing you flirt with another girl will just make her feel stupid. She won’t know you’re doing it to see what her reaction is- she’ll think you’re doing it because you have a crush on the girl you’re flirting with.

, If you reach something out for her to take, see if she gently touches your hand before she takes it. This may be a sign of her eagerness to get closer to you.

Beware: It could just mean she bumped you by accident.

, These are all possible signs that she’s nervous and may mean that she’s interested in you.

, If not, it could mean she is nervous, or just doesn’t make eye contact, or doesn’t like you.

, These include: Blushing, complimenting you often, giggling, making excuses to hang around you, teasing you, staring but looking away quickly when caught, hugging you and whispering to friends when you walk by.

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