How to Know if You Have Oral Thrush



Know what causes oral thrush.,
Know that brushing your teeth can prevent oral thrush.,
Note that taking too many antibiotics can actually promote oral thrush.,
Know who is most at risk for getting oral thrush.

Your mouth normally contains a small amount of candida bacteria. The amount of bacteria is kept in check by the presence of other non-harmful bacterial. However, an imbalance can occur, causing an increased number of yeast cells to grow inside your mouth. When the yeast cells grow, you are more susceptible to oral thrush., Brushing your teeth two or three times a day and flossing at least once a day are both very important activities. Good oral hygiene is essential when trying to prevent or fight off oral thrush. If you have poor oral health, your mouth can become an excellent place for fungi to grow.

, Antibiotics kill off bad bacteria. However, sometimes, they can also kill off too much good bacteria, which in turn can throw off the balance between good bacteria and candida, causing oral thrush to occur.

, Anyone can get thrush, but it’s more common in certain populations. Babies and toddlers are more likely to get thrush, because their immune systems are not yet fully developed. The elderly are also more likely as their immune systems decline. Pregnant women have an increased risk, because the immune system is mildly suppressed during pregnancy.People with diabetes are more likely to get thrush, especially if the diabetes is poorly controlled; this is because the extra sugar in the bloodstream feeds the yeast.
People with an extremely suppressed immune system, such as those with HIV or cancer, or who are taking chemotherapy or high-dose steroids are more likely to get oral thrush.
Alcohol also suppresses the immune system, and so those who drink a lot of alcohol are more susceptible to getting thrush.

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