How to Know if You Have Cirrhosis



Know that alcoholism can cause cirrhosis.,
Monitor chronic liver infections.,
Know that steatohepatitis can cause cirrhosis.,
Note that bile duct blockage can cause cirrhosis.

The main cause of cirrhosis is long-term alcoholism. Men and women react differently to alcohol as tolerance varies from one person to another. Most men can take two to five bottles of beer a day while one or two bottles can damage a woman’s liver. People who consume a lot of alcohol and drink often have a higher possibility of developing cirrhosis, however, it really comes down to the individual. In some cases, one drink can damage a person’s liver., These infections include Hepatitis B and C, both of which can damage the liver. These conditions are caused by viruses, though they can also be transmitted via bodily fluids. The people who are at a greater risk of contracting the disease are health care workers., This is a condition caused by accumulation of fat in the liver. This condition usually occurs in people who are diabetic, obese and have high blood pressure. The fat causes tenderness and scarring to the liver and over a period, this leads to cirrhosis. Therefore, the people who suffer from these conditions are at a higher risk of getting cirrhosis.

, The bile ducts help to transport the bile formed by the liver to the intestines. The bile is used in the digestion of fats and can accumulate, thus scarring the liver. In adults, the bile ducts can become blocked or scarred if the person experiences a serious infection somewhere in the body.

In children, blockage of the bile duct can be caused by biliary atresia, which is when the bile ducts are damaged or they are absent. This causes the bile to accumulate in the liver, causing the liver to stop functioning properly.

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