How to Know if You Have Cirrhosis



Keep track of any feelings of confusion that may develop.,
Call a doctor if you notice that your skin has turned yellow.,
Take note if any parts of your body begin to swell.,
See a doctor if you notice that your heartbeat has increased.,
Pay attention to any gradual weight loss that occurs.,
Note if cuts won’t seem to stop bleeding.

In the advanced phase of the disease, the liver is unable to filter the harmful substances from the blood. This will cause an accumulation of poisonous substances in the brain therefore altering the brain function. You may begin to suffer from fainting episodes, sleepiness, and confusion. In turn, these symptoms can lead to a coma in severe cases. See a doctor right away if you suddenly feel very confused or begin to have fainting spells.This same issue can also cause personality changes that include behavioral change and memory problems.

, In particular, examine your eyes, skin and tongue. When these parts of your body turn yellow, it is a sign that you have jaundice. Jaundice is caused by cirrhosis; your liver is not functioning properly, thus there an increased amount of bilirubin in your blood., Swelling of the feet, legs and ankles occurs because the liver is not able to remove waste products to include the excess water from the body. This causes water and salt to accumulate in the body. This will also cause the abdomen to become distended as water accumulates.

Men will often experience the swelling of their breast, shrinking of testicles and, in worst cases, impotence.

, Increased heartbeat occurs because of the increased volume of fluids in the bloodstream. This happens because the diseased liver is not able to remove excess water from the body. This overworks the heart because it is already pumping all of your blood throughout your body. In turn, your heart rate will increase., Damage to the liver means that it is unable to accumulate glycogen, a carbohydrate that provides the body with temporary energy. When the liver is damaged, it forces the body to use its muscle tissue to supply energy in between meals and this causes weakness and muscle wasting.

, One of the side effects of late stage cirrhosis is the inability to stop a cut from bleeding. When the liver becomes damaged, it has a difficult time creating the blood clotting factors needed to stop blood from leaking out of a cut.

You should also take note if your gums seem to bleed more often than normal, even if you brush them very gently.

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