How to Know if You Are Drunk



Know when you are dangerously drunk.,
Consider buying an “ignition interlock” for your car if you’re afraid you’ll drink and drive.,
Know if you’re an alcoholic.

If you are dangerously drunk, then chances are, you won’t remember it, or you will be so out of it that you won’t consider your own level of intoxication. If you are dangerously drunk, then the other people around you will hopefully be able to tell. Symptoms include stumbling around and falling, vomiting without stopping, having the room spin ridiculously fast, and generally looking vacant and not like yourself at all.

This is no joke. There is no magical B.A.C. number that says you are a danger. But at a high level of drunkenness you become ever more of a danger to yourself and others.
People with a BAC over .19 make up 41% of traffic deaths.At a BAC of .3, side effects of drinking can include death. At .5%, most people will die. So don’t drink too much even if you are at home.

, These prevent you from driving if you are drunk, automatically. Though the interlock is typically placed in the cars of people who have had more than one D.U.I., you can take this preventative measure to help yourself stay out of trouble in advance.

, This means more than just throwing a few drinks back with your friends every once in a while. It means drinking to a level of not remembering a thing that happens, drinking by yourself frequently, and generally being dependent on alcohol. Alcoholism means different things to different people, but if you think you have a troubled relationship with alcohol, then you should get help.

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