How to Know if a Person Is Interested in You



Think positive.,
Look for signs of interest from the other person.,
Respond with similar signals to show your interest.,
Change your position if there is definite interest.,
Make a final confirmation.,
Pluck up the courage and ask him/her.,
Be happy if he/she tells you that they like you or asks you out.

If you think you’ve been getting positive vibes and attention from the person you’re interested in, it may well be the case. Assume the best but stay on your best behavior as well.

While you may have been getting good vibes, sometimes you may be mixing up the signals and making the wrong assumption. As such, you’ll need to know more than just “feeling it”.;
, In particular, watch the body language of the other person to see whether or not they’re flirting. For more details, read How to read women’s body language for flirting or How to read men’s body language for flirting.

Watch for the person making excuses to be near you and spend time with you. Notice the person brushing up against you a lot, or trying to touch you often, all without making it obvious.
Catch their eyes. Do they look away quickly in embarrassment? Or hold your eye contact defiantly with a “come hither” look? Either way may be a sign of interest.
Does the person smile at you more than usual? This may be a sign.
If the person is normally chatty, have they suddenly gone silent around you? Or, has a normally quiet person suddenly become chatty? Behaving in the opposite way from their normal behavior can be a sign of trying to impress you.
There is a human reflex reaction when a person sees the object of their affection. The eyes open wide, eyebrows rise, nostrils flare, mouth rounds into an “O”, It lasts about a second. This kind of face is considered more attractive. So if somebody sees you and briefly makes this face, they find you attractive on some level.

, This is a way of potentially giving them the space to become more flirtatious or open about their interest in you. Once they feel certain about your signals, they may relax and open up more.

If you’re wrong about it, laugh it off or apologize for being presumptuous, whatever seems most appropriate at the time.

, See whether he/she still glances at you at your new position. If yes, the interest is there.

, Walk past the person. Close, but not very. See if this induces some visible effects. If yes, you can be sure the person is interested.

, This is especially useful if you already know each other well. (Sometimes he/she may answer no, to throw you off course).

, By this stage you can be sure they like you!

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