How to Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You



Look at the obvious.,
Talk to him.,
Text him.,
Become friends with his friends, guys like having a girlfriend that’s comfortable being with him and his friends.,
Become friends with him, but don’t become too close or it could ruin your chance with him.,
Does he want you to help him with projects or always pick you as his partner in school?,
Does he always give you hugs?,
Does he always smile when he looks at you, or shows interest?

Does he stare at you a lot, or look at you when talking to friends? Text you a lot? If so, he might like you, keep reading if you’re still not positive.;
, Make sure you keep him interested. If you think acting ignorant will make him run to you, you’re wrong.

, Texting is a way you can release your feelings without the awkwardness of talking one-on-one. If your conversation suddenly stops with a, “Yeah:” wait a little bit to see if he tries to continue the conversation. If he does, he might be interested.

, However, make sure that he will not feel uncomfortable because of your overly big interest in his friends instead of him.

, Get to know him. So that way you connect, which will make him like you more.

, If so, this could be because he likes hanging out with you.

, Hugging is a big sign that he may have some interest in you, or he is just a friendly guy. It really depends on the hug. If it’s a sweet hug from behind while you are your locker, resting his head on your shoulder, it means he wants a proper hug, but doesn’t want to ask you. If it’s a hug where he lifts you, and spins you around, he is definitely into you. He just wants to gain your trust first, and get to know you more. Even if he just pokes, tickles, taps, or bump in to you that can show you that he is definitely trying to flirt… this may sound weird, but sometimes when a boys likes a girl he will be mean to her, so maybe he playfully trips you or pushes/shoves you, that’s a sign as well! For example, if you and your crush are playing soccer together, he might brush up against your arm, thus using his body language to hint his attraction to you.

, When he smiles at you when you do something cute, or something clumsy, he will look at you and laugh softly. If you say something funny, or you’re in class and you say “I don’t get it.” and that pulls on his heartstrings, he will laugh softly and poke your nose softly, as if saying I like your nose. Go cross-eyed (as if your trying to look at your nose) immediately after he pokes your nose. It will make him laugh, and think you are so much cuter.

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