How to Know if a Guy Is Cheating on You



Take notice if he’s prone to mood swings.,
Pay attention if he stops saying “I love you.” It’s probably obvious, but if your boyfriend used to tell you how he felt all the time and now no longer communicates his feelings, it can be a significant warning sign.,
Observe how affectionate he is with you.,
Notice if he’s more attentive than usual.,
Pay attention to how often he picks fights.,
Take note if he’s suddenly suspicious of you.

If he’s happy and upbeat when he’s saying goodbye to you but quiet and withdrawn when you’re together, it may be a sign that he’s seeing another girl. Balancing more than one relationship is difficult, so it may start to take its toll on your boyfriend.Problems in one relationship can carry over to the other, so if your boyfriend is fighting with his other girlfriend, you may deal with the fallout in your relationship.

, That’s because he may no longer have much emotion to invest in your relationship if he’s putting all of his feelings into another relationship.See how he reacts when you say “I love you.” If he’s reluctant to even say “Me too,” that’s a big red flag.

, If he’s no longer as affectionate as he used to be, it can be a sign that he’s seeing someone else and saving his affection for her. A noticeable decrease in kisses, hugs and other physical displays of affection can be a sign that he’s cheating.All affection doesn’t have to be physical. If he stops using his favorite nickname for you or doesn’t use your special emojis in texts, you should also pay attention.

, Sometimes, guilt can cause a guy to overcompensate so if he’s cheating, he may try to make up for it by being overly nice. Showering you with gifts, taking you to your favorite restaurant, or allowing you to choose what you watch on TV can all be signs that he’s trying to ease a guilty conscience.Guys are usually plagued by guilt and become overly affectionate in the early stages of cheating. As the relationship with the other woman continues, the guilt — and the increased attention — may diminish., He may try to start arguments with you, so he has an excuse to leave and go see another girl. If your boyfriend suddenly starts picking fights every time that you’re together and you didn’t use to fight that often, it’s probably a cause for concern., If your boyfriend starts accusing you of cheating even though there’s no credible evidence, it may be a sign that he’s seeing someone else. That’s because he may be projecting his own behavior onto you — he knows that he’s cheating, so he assumes you must be too — or he may simply be trying to deflect the guilt that he feels.

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