How to Know if a Guy Doesn’t Like You Back



Interact with him.,
Notice his smile.,
Notice his stance.

Strike up a conversation with him and pay attention to the way he interacts with you. If he is an outgoing person and likes you, he’ll playfully touch you while you talk. The occasional shoulder brush or hand-grab to show you something are tell-tale signs. If he is shy, he won’t be as obvious. If this is the case, he may blush or stare at you while you talk.;
, A true smile extends beyond the normal width of a mouth. If his smile is across his whole face, he’s being affected by you in a good way. If his teeth aren’t showing, he’s most likely forcing the smile. This means that he’s humoring you and isn’t interested.

, All of his muscles will be pulled to show off his body to his best advantage when he’s talking to you if he’s trying to impress you. He’s often stand with his hands on his hips to suggest confidence. When a man is interested, he’ll stand directly in front of you to show full attention and make it possible to lean in to get closer with ease. If he’s not interested, his shoulders will face away from you.

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