How to Know if a Guy Doesn’t Like You Back



Learn what he likes.,
Ask him what he thinks about you.,
Talk in private.

Ask him, straight forward, what he looks for in a girl. This will give you a better idea of the kind of things that he is or isn’t attracted to. (Take note about if you have these qualities or not.) Not only should you ask what he likes, but also ask what he doesn’t like. Keep it casual, but pick at his brain for his biggest turn-ons and turn-offs.

, If he says that he’s “not sure how he feels,” that’s not a good sign. Chances are, he knows, but he knows you won’t respond well if he tells you.If he says that he thinks that you have a great personality, ask him if he finds you attractive.

, Have a talk about what you mean to each other. Make sure not to bring it up in front of a group. That might make him uncomfortable and he might not give very straight answers to avoid an awkward situation.

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