How to Know if a Guy Doesn’t Like You Back



Introduce yourself to his friends.,
Talk on the phone.,
Watch how he talks to you.

Once you do this, sit with the group for a bit to see how your guy acts. If he seems to be putting on a show for his friends, it is likely that he is trying to get your attention. This means that he’s interested. If he seems quiet or awkward, he might be uncomfortable with the situation because he’s not interested in you and doesn’t feel comfortable with you hanging around his friends.

, Take note of how often and the reasons he calls or texts you when you aren’t together. If he is only calling you to ask a favor, he probably just sees you as a friend. If he calls just to see how you’re doing or to make small talk, he’s interested.

, Is he always on is phone? Does he appear scatter-brained and ready to get out of the conversation? If either of these are true, he’s not interested. If he is interested, he will give you his full attention for as long as he can get it for.

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