How to Know if a Girl Likes You (s+)



Watch for signs.,
Be confident about how to react to her.

When you ask her out be sure of yourself and almost insist that she join you for a bite to eat or a walk in the park.

She doesn’t mind you touching her. Try bumping into the girl, stand so that your arms touch, any kind of Kino will immediately be noticed (trust me she’s a girl). Once they notice the touch, they have two choices, to either move or stay. If they stay, she is at least comfortable with you. “5 Points”
She is willing to hold eye contact. Assuming of course that this girl is not incredibly shy, if you can look her into the eyes while you are talking to her, and you find her staring directly back, only turning away occasionally to smile, then you are definitely making a good impression. “2 Points”
She always seems to have lip gloss on. Ok so, this is very key. As subtle as this one is, pretty much “every” girl does it. When a girl fantasizes about a guy, usually there is a lot of kissing involved. Whereas guys tend to skip the kiss and jump to the ravaging. If a girl is always keeping her lips nice and glossy around you, she is hoping that by the off chance a kiss does happen, she will be prepared. “2 Points”
She always keeps you in her vision range. The average person’s field of vision is about 150 degrees. This means that at any time, a person sees about 40% of the activity around them. If you somehow always end up in that 40%, well. She probably likes you. “1 Point”
She brings up things you guys have talked about. Yea, you forgot that you mentioned how much you enjoy fishing last week when you saw her. Now she is trying to invite you on a fishing trip with half the people on her contacts list. “1 Point”
She tries to get you to hang out with her best friend and her best friend’s Boyfriend. AKA, she wants you for a double date but is too shy to ask for the “date”. Even if it is just with her best friend, you’re still pretty in. Think about it, would you show a horribly unattractive girl off to your best friend? Bonus points if this happens shortly after you meet her. “4 Points”
She is naturally competitive with other women around you. Practice complimenting people often, just in general, not exclusively. You’ll notice that girls who like you will pay a lot of attention to any compliments you throw out and subconsciously adjust themselves accordingly. If you tell someone you love it when a girl wears blue and the next week she starts to look like a smurf, you are in. “5 Points”
She seems like she is always having a good time around you. When it comes down to it. This is the best indicator. Most girls in their 20s now start to realize that their lives aren’t the exciting fairy tales they always thought they’d live. No daddy is around to love and care for them. No more boys are leaving love notes in their lockers. No more all day hikes and spontaneous camping trips. But wait, every time she is with you, all these childhood delights seem to be coming back. She is in that naive bliss once again and you have done your job as a man. She has checked you off as a possible Provider, Protector, and Partner. “10 Points”
She never seems to have anything to do after seeing you. You know why? It’s because she made sure of it. She didn’t need an escape plan because she didn’t plan on escaping. She cleared up her to-do’s because she wanted to spend the entire day with you. If you didn’t have to go home to save the world from an endless horde of Nazi Zombies, she would still be hanging out with you. “3 Points”
After she said she has no plans, she turns out to have a few. If for some reason you bump into her later in the day or go back because you forgot your phone, and it turns out that she “is” hanging out with somebody. That means that she had a bunch of people she “wanted” to see, but kept putting them off to spend more time with you alone. “3 Points”;
,, However use common sense there is a difference between being persistent and being needy for example if the girl is saying No again and again but still smiling and talking to you then asking her again with another angle could be beneficial. On the other hand if she is saying ‘No’ again and again with a serious tone and body language this is a cue for you to back off and leave her alone.

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