How to Know if a Girl Likes You Back



Look for an increase in eye contact.,
Watch for more touching.,
Take note if she can’t stop teasing you.,
Notice her smiles.,
See if she becomes suddenly interested in your social media accounts.,
Notice an uptick in activity from her.,
Watch for a change in relationship status.,
Wait for a message back.,
Take note if she cancels plans with other guys.,
Watch for signs of anger if you talk about other girls.,
Look for a suggestion to hang out alone.,
Observe her reaction when you admit you like her.

Typically, an increase an eye contact is a good sign that someone is into you. It’s particularly good if they hold eye contact for a while and don’t look away.

Continuously locking eyes with you is her way of letting you know it’s ok to approach her.Keep in mind that girls who are shy may not make eye contact as often. If you know she’s shy, don’t take a lack of eye contact as a sign that she doesn’t like you.;
, An easy gesture to understand and to watch for, is flirtatious behavior and touching.If she’s suddenly touching your shoulder or brushing her hand against yours, chances are she’s into you.

Asking for a hug before you part ways is another good indication of her feelings.
Some women are more subtle in their approach. They may ask you to help them out or want to show you something on their phone. This is their way of closing the physical gap between the two of you.
Be aware that not all physical contact is a sign that she likes you. A girl may tap you on the shoulder or ask for a friendly hug without having other intentions. It’s important to look for other signs in addition to physical contact.

, Whether she’s making fun of your hair or giving you a hard time about always being late; teasing can be a sign of affection. Teasing followed by a smile is even better!

If her teasing is followed by a smile, she’s probably just trying to be playful.
She may tease you about your age, past girlfriends or hobbies. This is her way of trying to get a reaction from you.
Being mean or hurtful is not a sign that she’s into you, so don’t waste your time on someone who puts you down.

, Of all the clues she might be giving you, facial expressions are some of the easiest to understand and to read.If she seems to light up when you come into the room, you can probably rest assured that the feelings are mutual.

If she’s always smiling when you look at her (or even when you’re not) this is a sure sign that she’s attracted to you.Smiling and laughter go hand in hand. If you notice her laughing at all of your jokes (even when they’re not funny), this is her way of affirming your feelings.

, If she suddenly sends friend requests to all of your social media accounts, chances are that she’s trying to get to know you better.

You may see numerous requests from her all at once. If she not only wants to be your friend on Facebook, but would like to follow you on Twitter as well, this is a definite sign.
If she mentions that you can find her on Facebook or should connect on Instagram, that’s probably a good sign that she likes you.
A girl who likes you may take an interest in your friends as well. Find out if your buddies have received friend requests from her.

, Whether it’s a status “like” or a message that just says “hey!”, if you see a sudden increase in activity from the girl you like, she’s definitely sending you a sign that she has a crush on you.

For the shy girls, this may be one of the best ways to determine if they like you. Social media provides people with the opportunity to open up in a less intimidating environment.
Look for an increase in private messages. Similar to texting, if someone is replying to you quickly, they’re giving you a clue as to how much you matter.
You may notice that she posts and tags a lot of pictures of the two of you together. This may be her way of telling other girls to back off because she wants to be your girlfriend.

, You may notice that she’s broadcasting her newly single status. If she seems happy about it and is trying to draw attention to the fact that she’s currently single, this may be her way of letting you know she’s ready to mingle.

If you’re uncertain as to how she feels about her newly single status, try sending her a private message. If she responds quickly and includes many positive emoticons, she’s trying to let you know she’s more than ok.

, If you feel more comfortable broaching your feelings with a girl via social media, send her a private message. Let her know how you feel about her and wait for a response.

Though we’re in the habit of sharing our thoughts and feelings via social media, that doesn’t mean you should broadcast your feelings publicly.Send her a private message instead of putting your feelings out there for all of the world to know.If the girl is shy, this may be a good way of reaching out to her on a platform that she’s comfortable with.
This also gives the girl a chance to thoughtfully consider her response to your feelings, should she not share your affections.

, If she’s canceling plans with other guys to hang out with you, keep that in mind. If you notice she’s not as quick to talk about her latest beau either, chances are she views you as more than a friend and wants to be in a relationship.

This is particularly true if she has talked about other guy crushes in the past, but suddenly changes the subject if you mention them.
When she stops viewing you as one of the girls and refuses to share anything about her love life, you can rest assured that the feelings are mutual.

, In the past, you used to be able to get her take on your love life. Now she seems to blow up at the mere mention of another woman. If this happens, it’s probably safe to assume that she wants to be your only leading lady.

She may tease you about past relationships, but if you mention someone you currently like, it may not go over well.Past relationships may be her way of teasing you, but mentioning a recent crush will ensure she won’t be smiling for long.

, In the past, you were more likely to hang out in a group setting. Now that she keeps asking to spend time alone with you, this may be a clue she’s into you.

If you’re being consistently invited to places that her past boyfriends accompanied her to, such as weddings or dances, you should probably have a discussion about whether you’re more than friends.

, If she’s a good friend, she will appreciate your honesty. Though it may be awkward at first, you’ll ultimately feel relieved once you’ve been honest.

Tell her how you feel. While it could be awkward and you may feel extremely nervous about revealing your feelings to her, you’ll be glad you did it. It’s much better to say something than to not say anything at all.You may notice a look of relief on her face when you share your feelings with her.
If she lights up when you tell her about your feelings, it is probable that she feels the same way.
Begin the conversation by telling her how much you respect your friendship with her and that you’ve recently been having feelings that are beyond that of a friend. Let her know that it’s ok if she doesn’t feel the same way, but that you felt it was important to be honest with her and to share how you really feel.
Don’t worry if she doesn’t return your sentiments. If she’s a good friend, she’ll stay friends with you and will be able to joke about it later. Most importantly, If she doesn’t feel the same way as you, don’t act as if the whole thing was a joke and that you don’t really care that much either.

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