How to Know if a Girl Is Interested



Start a normal conversation.,
Begin asking casual questions.,
Ask more intimate questions.

Engage in a simple exchange of pleasantries. A simple “hello” or “hi” will do as a greeting. A “How are you?” or “What’s up” is even better. The bottom line in this step is to break the ice and get the conversation rolling. How she greets you will be the beginning of telling you if she’s interested or not.

If you quickly run out of things to say and the conversation becomes stale, consider telling a funny story or developing a funny routine. Consider telling a quick self-deprecating joke to show you don’t take yourself very seriously.Laughter is a great way to break the ice. Keep it simple, but make her laugh and appeal to her sense of humor. Be sure not to turn the conversation into a stand-up routine and give her a chance to respond.;
, After you’ve started a conversation, don’t hesitate to jump into asking questions. Find out more about the girl and move on from there! The depth at which she responds will show you in how she feels about you. If she responds more, she’s very into the current conversation, and who knows, very into the person she’s talking to (you!).

Ask her what her hobbies are, what sort of music she likes and what movies she is into. Does she enjoy reading? You may find out that she does and use it as a jumping off point to move into more intimate territory. How much she tells you may give keen insight into how she feels about you.
It’s important to keep the questions casual. If you ask questions that are a little too personal, it may make her feel creeped out or uncomfortable around you. This is the last thing you want when trying to figure out if she’s into you. There are plenty of questions to ask without stepping over the line., Don’t be afraid to flirt. It’s one of the easiest ways to let someone know you’re enjoying your time together and get a similar response. Be sure to smile, initiate casual contact like a touch on the arm, and maintain eye contact. All of these go a long way in letting someone know you like them. Who knows – she may return the flirtation and give you the answers you’re seeking.

Eye contact is the most important forms of communication. It communicates respect, understanding, appreciation and most importantly, interest! Eye contact can also make the difference between seeming aloof and blossoming a friendship or more., After you’ve reached a level of conversation and become comfortable with one another, ask deeper questions. Find out what her passions are. If she’s willing to share them with you, there’s probably a level of interest. After all, she’s opening up about topics that make her who she is. In other words, this is privileged information – the conversation has moved on from casual to real and memorable for both parties involved.

Ask questions about her friends, her fears, her loves and her quirks. If you’re feeling extra bold, ask about her past – just be sure to steer clear of conversations about past relationships. You don’t want to know how she feels about an ex, you want to know how she feels about you. How much she shares will tell you how interested she is in sharing with you. The more she shares, the more interested she is. You may also ask about her hobbies and some other good questions, which would make her feel that you are interested in her as much as she is into you.

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