How to Know if a Girl Is Interested



Flirt via texting.,
Message on Social Media.,
Ask mutual friends.

In the modern age, we have the latest technology right at our fingertips – use it! Send the girl you’re interested in a text message. How she responds will often show you how interested she is in you.Take note and learn how far interest into you really goes!

If she’s short with you, that may be a sign she’s busy or simply doesn’t have the time to talk via text. Use this as an opportunity to set up a time to talk face to face.
If she mirrors your texting style, she’s definitely interested. Note how often she uses words from your vocabulary. If she does, she admires them and is very interested in the person using them.
If she asks you questions, she’s also definitely interested. After all, she’s taking time to get to know you and gather information about you. Be as open and honest as possible to give her a good idea of who you are and what you’re like.
Bear in mind technology does not always move as fast as we would like it to. If she doesn’t immediately respond, she may be in a “dead zone” without reception and has yet to get your message. She may also be in a situation like work or school where texting is not an option. Focus on the response rather than the time it takes to get one.

, The amount of social media available, it’s difficult to not find avenues to get in touch with people. See if the girl you’re interested in has a social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr and get in touch that way.

The barriers social media offer can sometimes make people feel comfortable enough to talk to one another, even if they’ve just met each other. If you’re too shy for conversation – or feel she might be – social media can offer interaction without having to come face to face. Maybe the girl you’re interested in needs that buffer to feel completely comfortable and show her interest.

, If you and the girl you’re interested in share friends or coworkers, asking them about her may be a good route to take, albeit somewhat indirect. There’s an off chance she’s mentioned you to one of them or is more willing to discuss the issue with one of them instead of directly with you.

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