How to Know if a Girl Doesn’t Like You Back



Pay attention to her body language around you.,
Watch for clues that she is trying to avoid you.,
Observe if she flirts with other guys.,
Pay attention to how her friends act while you’re around.,
Notice if she ever looks your way.,
Look at her eyes.

If you ever touch her, does she touch you back or does she avoid contact? When you talk, does she lean towards you? Does she open her shoulders up to your when you’re talking or does she keep her distance and remained reserved? These aren’t foolproof ways of knowing that she does or does not like you, but they can help you get an idea. Some girls might be more comfortable messing around with and touching guys even if they don’t like them.;
, If she avoids or finds excuses to get out of time that you would otherwise share together, she probably doesn’t like you. If she was thinking about how she liked you she would probably be making excuses to be around you more, not the other way around. Don’t take this as gospel – there is always the chance that she is really shy. However, if you find that she’s constantly scheduling her doctors appointments during the free period you have together that probably isn’t a good sign. , She might not be interested in you if she flirts with other guys, but she might be trying to make you jealous so don’t immediately assume the worst. There’s also no way to know if she’s really flirting with the guy or just being friendly.

It is a good idea to see how much attention she pays to other guys versus how much attention she pays to you. Again, if she’s really shy she may be more comfortable talking to guys that she doesn’t like versus someone she does – maybe you!

, Girls often tell their friends who they like. If her friends ever laugh at you or her, they might think it’s funny that she likes you. They might act immaturely and tease you and her.

Not all friends do this, but if you pay attention you might catch a friend winking at your crush or giving them an elbow nudge. Keep your eye out for these types of clues.

, Sometimes when you like someone all you want to do is stare at him or her. If you catch her looking over at you often, she might like you. If she never even looks your way, she may be trying to hide the fact that she likes you. Or she could just be focused on her work. If you often make eye contact across the room that is a very, very good sign. , When the two of you talk she will probably make lots of eye contact if she is interested in you. She probably will smile often and pay attention to what you are saying too.

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