How to Know if a Girl Doesn’t Like You Back



Ask the girl on a date.,
Ask your crush if she likes you.,
Ask one of your crush’s friends if your crush likes you.

Even if it’s scary this will answer a lot of your questions. Stop snooping around trying to guess her every intention. Everyone will respect you if you go up and ask her on a date. They will admire your bravery and wish that they had the guts to do something like that.

Even if it’s just a girl who works at the bookstore, go up to her and see if she wants to get lunch with you sometime. The worst that happens is that they say no and they will probably be really flattered. If they say anything mean then they weren’t worth your time to begin with.
For example, just ask her what she’s doing for lunch tomorrow. Ask her if she would be up to grab some tacos with you. It’s as easy as that!
It might be a good idea to find out if she has a boyfriend. If she does, she probably is more interested in him than you. If she has a boyfriend, the best thing to do is lay off of her. If she doesn’t have one, she could be interested in anyone!

, This is another way of being direct and finding out the answer to your question. However, the benefit of this method is that you don’t have to follow through on a date and neither do they! If you’re on the younger side a date is a difficult thing to accomplish, just asking if they like you is a good way to start. You can build from there after your question has been answered.

You don’t have to say “do you like me”. Try telling her that you feel like you guys have a really good connection and you find yourself wondering if it might be something more than friendship. Then ask what she thinks.

, This isn’t the bravest way to go about it, but it might work. Try to choose one of her friends who you are close to also. If the friend knows you are a good person they might be willing to help you out and tell you the truth. It might be hard to hear, but at least you won’t be constantly worrying about if she likes you or not. If they refuse to answer then that’s probably a good sign! However, the friend also might just say that they don’t know.

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