How to Know if a Girl Doesn’t Like You Back



Listen to what tone she talks to you with.,
Wait for her to strike up a conversation with you.,
Keep an eye out for verbal gestures.,
Keep track of how nice she is to you.

If you find that she’s on her best behavior when you are around that is a good sign. However, don’t take it to heart if she is brief with you sometimes. She might seem in a hurry or she might not want to be around you right at that moment. Sometimes she might just be grumpy or having a bad day. Pay attention the theme of your conversations, not one specific instance.

For example, if she tries to engage you in interesting conversations then she probably thinks you are interesting.

, If you’re always the one to talk to her, she might assume she doesn’t have to put any work into the relationship. Talk to her a few times and then leave the door open for her to start a conversation with you. If she doesn’t then she probably doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. For example, if she asks you how your soccer game went or your piano recital it means she is paying attention to your interests. That’s a good sign.

, If she likes you, she might ask for help on a lot of things. She might ask you for help on the new homework in the hall, just so she can get closer to you.

She might ask you a lot of questions about your interests. She might even just say something about how she’s excited you’ll be living in the same neighborhood next year, or something like that. Keep an eye out for these clues.
If she is a straight A student, and she asks you for the history assignment, she probably already has it and she just wanted to talk to you. But be careful, she might really need help, so don’t get your hopes up too high.

, This sounds simple, but honestly sometimes the simplest clues are the most important ones. If she is nice to you and asks questions, she probably likes you. There’s a myth that sometimes girls will act mean to you to get your attention. That’s not true. They might tease you flirtatiously, but they aren’t going to outright insult you. Take the teasing in stride because it’s probably a good sign. For example, if she teases you for being late to school that day she might like you. If she tells you you’re dumb because you failed a test, she probably doesn’t.

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