How to Know for Sure if a Boy Likes You Before You Ask Him Out



First, make sure he doesn’t have a secret girlfriend that he hasn’t told you about.,
When you see him, say hi and try to be friends.,
Become confident in yourself.,
Ask him if he wants to go to a movie with a friend of yours.,
If he takes the bus to work or school with you and gets on after you, try to see where he sits.,
If he already has a girlfriend remain friends, you never know what’s going to happen!

Because you showed you liked him, if he really likes you he’ll ask YOU out!

If he likes you then you will catch him looking in your direction, if you catch his eye he might keep looking at you.

Just ask one of his friends if he’s single.;
, Engage in a conversation. It doesn’t matter whether if you’re a teen or an adult, always become friends first.

, Do things that make you feel good about yourself and wear things you like. Confidence is always a good thing, and generally boys like independent, confident girls.

, This is like asking him out, except in a friendly way. Remember to become friends before asking.

, If he sits in the closest seat to you for a few days, he likes you. When he comes on the next day, come invite him to sit with you and maybe listen to music. As he is close ask him if you want to (do something) later tonight. if he says yes, congrats! If he says no say ok, maybe some other time.

,,, But be careful he might be looking at another girl that’s sitting near you.

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