How to Kiss Someone in Elementary School



Be social, happy, and confident.,
Try to hang out with them during recess.,
Join their group for class projects.,
Sit with them at lunch.,
Go out of your way to talk to them and be nice to them.

In elementary school, the people that are liked the most are people who are active and social. Being aggressive or causing disruptive behavior could make you unpopular.Try to keep your temper under wraps and go out of your way to talk to other kids in school.

Trying different and new experiences, keeping close friends, and staying away from negative people will increase your happiness.Go out of your way to talk to kids in school and try to make as many friends as possible.
Joining a sport or club may also make you more confident and social.
If you aren’t known as the “social” kid in school, try to change that. Think about the way you dress, the way you talk to people, and how you interact with adults. Try to be happier and more outgoing every day until you are a more social person.;
, If you don’t know the person that you want to kiss very well, a great way to get to know them is to hang out with them during recess. If they are with a group of people, try to become friends with everyone that they hang out with. Make sure to show the person you’re interested in special attention, but don’t make it obvious to everyone around you.

Recess allows kids in elementary school to work on their social skills.A great way to become part of the group is to talk to them about something they are interested in. This can be a new video game, a funny YouTube video, or a musician that they like.Ask them something about themselves. You can say something like “Hey, I noticed that you have a Pokemon bag, I really like Pokemon. What’s your favorite?” Think of something that they are interested in and start a conversation about that.

, If your teacher lets you pick your own partner or group for a class project, make sure to team up with the person you’re trying to kiss. This will give you an opportunity to talk to them.

Don’t wait till everyone has picked a partner. Try to be the first one to ask them if they want to be your partner.
Make eye contact with the person you want to partner with. If they look back at you, there’s a good chance they will partner with you.

, Try to sit down at the same table as the person you want to kiss during lunch. This may be difficult if you’re used to sitting in the same seat everyday or your seats are assigned by the lunch aid. If you already have a table that you normally sit at, see if your friends would be willing to move their seats.

Ask the aid if you can change seats, if you have assigned seats.

, If you pass them in the hallway or see them after school, make it a point to say hello to them. You don’t have to stop for a conversation, but a smile and wave will go a long way.

If you are at an event like a birthday party or school trip, make it a point to go up and talk to them.
Don’t talk about kissing at first. Talk to them like they are your friend.
Something as simple as “Hi, how are you today?” might open up a conversation with the person. Get in the habit of doing this daily so they know you want to be friends.

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